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Whether you are beginner or a seasoned veteran, USTA Adult League tennis gets you on the court and in the game!

With hundreds of thousands of players 18 and over competing nationwide, USTA League brings players together to enjoy physical activity, camaraderie and teamwork.  USTA League is designed to accommodate all adult players and most skill levels. Come and enjoy hours of play time and benefits such as: exercise, skill improvement and much more.

Come join over 1500 people and play in the Central Carolina USTA Leagues!


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Determine your skill level (NTRP) NTRP helps ensure that you have a competitive matches. NTRP
Determine the League you want to play in There are 3 USTA League seasons and 5 USTA Leagues to choose from.  Each League has an Overview to help you decide. League Calendars | Adult League  | Mixed Doubles League | Tri-Level League | Singles League | Combo Doubles League
Find a team to join or start a new team Use our Find a Team program to find just the right team for you.  Friends, neighbors & co-workers make great teammates! Find a Team | How to Start a Team

To start a team you will need to have at least 8 players (6 for Mixed, Combo and Tri-Level, 3 for a Singles League) who would like to be a part of the team.  If you have less than this your best bet is to get everyone to fill out a Find a Team form and ask to be placed on the same team.  If you offer to captain a team it will be much easier for us to put all of you on the same team.  FYI: Most Spring Adult League, Summer Mixed Doubles League and Summer Tri-Level League teams have 12 - 15 players (9-15 for Fall Combo Doubles League teams and 5-9 for Summer & Fall Singles League teams) on their roster.


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Players - review your NTRP status If you will need to self-rate when you register read the NTRP webpage.  NTRP
Players - read the overview of the particular League your team is in Fully understand what you are signing up for before you commit. League Calendars | Adult League | Mixed Doubles League | Tri-Level League | Singles League | Combo Doubles League
Players - read the Local League Rules and Regulations Fully understand what you are signing up for before you commit. League Rules
Team -  find a facility willing to host the team's home matches Many of our local public and private facilities are willing to participate in the Adult USTA League program. Tennis Facility Information | How to Start a Team
Team - get a Team ID # so  players can register to play Contact the USTA LLC if your facility does not assign Team ID #s. Do not create a team on TennisLink. Tennis Facility Information | USTA LLC
Team - find a Captain for the team Captaining a team can be a very rewarding experience. We will be there every step of the way! Captain's Corner


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Determine your NTRP rating if you do not already have one NTRP
If you do not already have an NTRP rating you will need to self-rate yourself when you go to register for your team.
Appeal your self-rating if you feel the automated system has failed to allow you to rate yourself at the proper rating
How to appeal your self-rating

You will need to have a NTRP self-rating at or below the level of the team you are registering for. Exceptions.

Become a USTA Member Join the USTA
To register for a team you will need a USTA Membership.  Membership dues are around $40.00 per year and are non-refundable.
Register for a team via TennisLink How to Register | TennisLink USTA registration fees are $23.00 for each team you register for.  Once you click on the How to Register link go to page 3.
Pay facility fees if applicable    Public facilities usually charge a fee.  Teams must be in good standing with their facility in order to play in the Adult USTA League.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact:
Erin Jennings
USTA Local League Coordinator

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